Old Tom’s Holiday

‘The text in this madcap comedy is sturdy and literal, but the illustrations have a life on their own… the combination is inspired and original – children will be laughing in the aisles.’

Lindsey Fraser,
Guardian Review. UK.

Angela wins a holiday – for one! So Old Tom has to stay home and clean his room. But, everywhere Angela goes she sees something that reminds her of her ‘baby’. The lonelier she gets, the more obvious is Old Tom’s presence.

Is it a mirage? Will it be a holiday for two after all?

Old Tom Man of Mystery

Angela Throgmorton is exhausted, the time has come to make a few changes. Old Tom had been a beautiful baby but now he was surely big enough to help with the housework.

However Old Tom has other ideas. While he lays in bed too sick to help, or so it seems, a mysterious ‘Man of Mystery’ flees into the night, followed by Angela Throgmorton determined to unmask this caped creature…

…who reminds her of someone.

These two books are published in Australia and Britain by Little Hare Publishers.
And, in the USA by Peachtree Atlanta.